Analyzer for COBOL - Powered by IRISTM

The IRISTM technology platform improves and accelerates mining application knowledge and determining impacts of change, as well as, facilitates transformation for reducing defects, restructuring business logic, identifying and remediating compliance issues, and re-architect your application.

Using IRISTM Analyzer, technical artifacts of an application are collected in an automated way and stored in an Application Knowledge Repository (AKR). This structure of this repository is based on an international standards model created by the Object Management Group (OMG), the Knowledge Discovery Meta-Model (KDM). The most common artifacts produced and/or derived from the AKR are:

Technical Artifacts
Extracted Assets
Application architecture
Data and control flows
Business logic
Code Metrics
Quality Characteristics
Architectural issues
Functionality duplication
Logic complexity
Code weaknesses
Business Benefits
Supported business capability
Revenue generated
Market growth potential
Cost / Risk saving potential

IRISTM parses application code and produces application artifacts, reports and diagrams using standard models to protect system integrity, allow for traceability, and enable system information to be analyzed. Technical artifacts are produced for business logic, data models, data flows, control flows, interfaces, application layers, coding and architectural anomalies, and can be automatically extracted and analyzed. Code metrics and quality characteristics, in combination with business strategies, make up the ground work of information for establishing your Value Profile — all in support of efforts to improve and extend the application.

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