Application Business Rule Extraction

Enterprise Applications typically contain a substantial amount of Business Knowledge, which has been constructed, enhanced and tuned over many years. Typically such Legacy Enterprise Applications have little or no up-to-date documentation, and original authors and designers are no longer able or available to re-document the system. Manual re-documentation of such code is often a lengthy, expensive and error-prone process. Re-engineering these applications from an incomplete or inaccurate understanding has obvious pitfalls. Benchmark Consulting's modernization platform, IRISTM, uses sophisticated search algorithms to sieve through complex program code and isolate the Business Rules embedded within it. IRISTM identifies and aggregates variables of interest in conditions of interest for rules definition. Then, through its language translation technology, IRISTM produces Business Rules in Java-based JRules format.


  • Application overview and code inventory - reports and ease of navigation through flowcharting
  • Program level flowchart
  • Identifies variables of interest (VOI). Given a variable-of-interest, IRISTM automatically finds relevant statements that provide definition of a rule
  • Manages all terms and packages in an execution object model (XOM). The XOM is the model against which rules are run in JRules
  • Converts the XOM into a business object model (BOM). The BOM is the basis for the vocabulary used in JRules
  • Establishes conditions of interest (COI) and aggregates business logic
  • Extracts COBOL logic and converts it into JRules format while keeping the logic in sync
  • Exports the logic, formatted for importing into JRules

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IRISTM - Business Rule Extractor is Benchmark Consulting's technology for automating the identification, selection, and conversion of COBOL-to-JRules business logic. For more information about purchasing the tool, visit our IRISTM - Business Architect product page or call us toll free at (855) 798-2042.