Datacom Conversion Solution

With the use of IRISTM, Benchmark Consulting's flagship technology for mainframe application analysis and transformation, moving from Datacom/DB to a relational database has never been easier. Benchmark Consulting provides a turnkey solution for migrating the mainframe application layer of CA Datacom/DB to DB2 and Oracle.

The highly-automated Datacom conversion solution provides:

  • Schema generation for your target database
  • SQL generation for all data operations
  • Replacement of all Datacom commands by equivalent calls to SQL layer
  • Refactoring of call to new SQL layer
  • Update JCL where required
  • Ability to support code updates during duration of project
  • Workflow process to control scheduling and priority ordering of conversion

How the Solution Works

Benchmark Consulting's Transformation Solution Center is located in Montreal, Canada. The Datacom conversion solution is delivered from this center using our resources and the IRISTM server platform. By providing your application to our team, we will scope the effort, provide a solution overview, complete the conversion and provide the code changes back to you.

Code can't leave your environment? That's ok. Benchmark Consulting can deploy a project-based license of IRISTM into your environment onto one of your servers. The only thing we need is VPN connectivity to that server.

Learn more

For more information about the automated Datacom conversion solution, call us toll free at (855) 798-2042.