On Target

As part of our Application Quality Management (AQM) framework, the Benchmark Consulting service offering, ON TARGET, helps your business achieve a higher standard of application quality.

ON TARGET provides a specific framework for defining and measuring software quality. Specifically, this framework assists in:

  • Determining important quality attributes,
  • Establishing a baseline for organization-wide quality (Global Quality Target), and
  • Measuring and reporting on quality improvement over time.

For development teams, ON TARGET is a process that integrates into standard development lifecycles and provides insight into past, present and future impacts of application change as it relates to a quality target (Global Quality Target Subset) that you set for your organization. Development teams will gain:

  • An understanding of product code base as it relates to quality
  • A clear and measurable description of quality requirements
  • A customized roadmap to incrementally adopt quality standards

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